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Tsinghua Professor: Maximally Increase Nuclear Deterrence to Deal with the Threat of U.S. and Japan

Chu Shulong, director of the International Strategy and Development Institute at Tsinghua University, wrote an article for Global Times, a division of People’s Daily, calling for China to maximally increase its nuclear deterrence against the U.S. and Japan. 

The article said, “Recently, leaders and senior officials from Japan and the U.S. have continued to distort the facts, stir up trouble, brazenly criticize, accuse, attack, and abusively smear China. The manner and rhetoric lack the very basic politeness. They look like they are a bit hysterical and have the ultimate madness.” 
“Since they have common interests in restraining, balancing, and containing China, Japan and the U.S. mutually cooperate and echo each other [in attacking China]. China has no choice but to resolutely fight back.” 
“Now that Japan and the U.S. choose provocation and confrontation, China can only undo them as they did unto us. The whole country should act like our military, strongly fighting back against the Japan-U.S.’s attacks, slander, confrontation and provocation; we should stop using those channels that have no real contents and results, such as visits, dialogues, ‘consultation,’ and ‘mechanisms.’ On issues such as North Korea, Iran, Syria, climate change, UN affairs, and other regional and international issues, we must make our decisions based on the merits, instead of the wishes and ‘requirements’ of the U.S. In the shortest possible time, we must make up for the insufficiency in our sea and air forces and enhance our readiness to respond to Japan and the U.S., who may provoke a conflict in the western Pacific sea and air. At the same time, [we] should also maximally increase the strategic deterrent capability of our missiles and nuclear weapons, in order to defend against the U.S.’ threats and blackmail on a larger scale.” 

Source: People’s Daily, June 4, 2014