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China Review News: U.S. Forceful Intervention Complicates the Situation in the South China Sea

China Review News (CRN) published a commentary article following Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s “response” to the “suggestions” that the United States made on the South China Sea issue while attending the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of the ASEAN Regional Forum in Naypyidaw, Myanmar.

The article said, “Who is meddling in the South China Sea? Of course, it is the United States. U.S. State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Fox proposed ‘three suggestions’ on the South China Sea dispute. It appears that the United States is overly ‘concerned’ with the South China Sea issue. The South China Sea dispute is a farce that the United States has both orchestrated and directed. Previously, the United States backed the Philippines and Vietnam to provoke China on the South China Sea issue. … Now that China’s determination to safeguard China’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity cannot be shaken, the United States has anxiously walked to the front from backstage and has directly intervened in the South China Sea issue.” 
The article continued, “Wherever the United States intervenes, there will be no peace. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Ukraine the United States has intervened in all these countries. The results? [They are:] a division of the country, never ending wars, widespread poverty, and no security. As Minister Wang Yi said, ‘Does the U.S. also want to turn this area [the South China Sea] into a mess? Looking back, the United States is really evil. For its own so-called strategic interests, the U.S. forcefully pursues its hegemonism and power politics and has messed up other countries that are prosperous and peaceful.” 
"Today, the U.S. also comes to the Asia-Pacific region to intervene in the South China Sea issue, trying to make the South China Sea into a sea of war. This time, the United States seems to have miscalculated the situation."
"The U.S. forceful intervention in the South China Sea is bound to bring the region into turmoil. Neither the ‘three suggestions’ on the South China Sea that the United States made or the ‘three-step’ solution that the Philippines proposed are truly meant to solve the South China Sea issue. Instead, they intend to launch an attack on China. When the United States walks to the front stage from behind, it is not to solve the South China Sea conflict, but to stir up turmoil in the South China Sea so as to achieve its so-called Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy to contain China."
Source: China Review News, August 14, 2014