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Military Expert: China Should Take Major Counter Measures to Deal with U.S. Military Reconnaissance

People’s Daily published an article reporting the comments that two Chinese military experts made about the incident in which a Chinese fighter plane J-11 intercepted the United States Navy P-8A patrol aircraft about 217 km east of Hainan Island while it was conducting "routine surveillance." 

Chinese Navy military expert Cao Weidong said, during an interview with CCTV, that the purpose of the United States’ frequent surveillance of China is to gather Chinese military intelligence. The U.S. is deliberately hyping the Sino-U.S. military confrontation in order to increase its bargaining chip in the forthcoming Sino-U.S. Military Maritime Consultation. 
Military expert Wang Ming proposed that China should take both offensive and defensive measures to cope with the U.S. military aircraft reconnaissance. First, from the "defensive" perspective, the U.S. reconnaissance is of a strategic reconnaissance nature. It is intended to study China’s air defense system deployment, electronic spectral information, and so on. China must strengthen electronic protection and operational secrecy; it must be strict in separating its wartime military equipment from the peacetime equipment used in training; it must hide its wartime equipment and its enhanced defensive controls. Second from the "offensive" perspective, when the Americans carry out reconnaissance, we should try to extend our defensive area forward, expand the scope of control, and be more active. We should prevent foreign military aircraft from getting close to their intended target area. "This time, the J-11’s active verification of the United States patrol plane was a form of offensive counter-surveillance." 

Source: People’s Daily, August 25, 2014