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China Warns GOP May Block Climate Negotiation

Well known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that, soon after Chinese President Xi Jinping reached the agreement with U.S. President Obama on carbon dioxide reduction goals, the U.S. Republican Party immediately took a stand against Obama’s promises. China’s Chief Climate Negotiator Xie Zhenghua expressed his low confidence in the 2015 deal because it will be blocked due to “U.S. domestic politics” just like the Kyoto Protocol was. China used to be described as the troublemaker in climate negotiations. However now, with strong support from the new Chinese leadership, China is highly motivated by the need to solve its own severe pollution problems. The host of the 2015 Paris Negotiation expressed the belief that, this time, China has a much stronger willingness – the joint announcement of Xi and Obama changed things.
Source: Sina, November 26, 2014