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Huanqiu Commentary: The US Might Launch a War against China to Keep it from Surpassing the US

Huanqiu published an article that a professor from the PLA National Defense University wrote. The article stated that, ever since the U.S. launched its Asia-Pacific rebalance strategy, Asia has no longer been a peaceful region, especially in the South China Sea. The author expressed the belief that the U.S. only cares about its own interests and is determined to control the South China Sea in order to stop China from surpassing the U.S. Therefore, it couldn’t care less about the world’s peace and it might even launch a war in the regions surrounding China. The author suggested that China should remain calm and proceed with its original plan in the South China Sea while keeping a dialogue open with the U.S. China can let the U.S. know that its cold war mentality is outdated and that China’s intent is to cooperate and make it a win-win situation for both countries. Meanwhile, China should be ready to enter into a war with the U.S. The author said that the U.S. will not give up its urge to launch a war because launching a war is the best way to shift attention from the domestic conflicts it faces, such as economic depression and a high unemployment rate. The war can also stop other countries from investing in Asia and stop China from surpassing the U.S. Therefore China should be highly alert and be fully prepared.

Source: Huanqiu, June 5, 2015