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The Three Pillars for China to Build New Sino-U.S. Relations with Big Powers

In anticipation of Xi Jinping’s visit to U.S., Liu Jianfei, deputy director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies of the Central Party School, published an article on the website of People’s Daily, discussing the direction of current Sino-U.S. relations   

The author stated that, in recent years, Sino-U.S. relations have been facing turbulence and frequent disputes. However, bilateral collaboration has not stopped. Overall, the relationship is not off the normal track; it is just not smooth. 
Liu said, “Maintaining the stable development of Sino-U.S. relations is one of most important objectives of China’s diplomatic strategy. China has offered to build new relations with the major powers, which fully reflects the expectations of the development of China-U.S. relations. According to the primary meaning of the new relations between big powers — no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect, win-win cooperation  China has three pillars on the development of relations with the U.S. The first is the strengthening of strategic mutual trust, effectively managing differences, and ensuring that no conflict or confrontation will occur. The second is the promotion of exchanges at all levels so as to improve mutual respect between the two countries. The third is to promote the pragmatic cooperation in various fields, to continue mutual benefits. However, currently, [China’s] U.S. policy should focus on strengthening strategic mutual trust, effectively controlling the differences.” 
Source: People’s Daily, September 19, 2015