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Research Showed 1.36 Million Chinese Died Early Due to Air Pollution

The South China Morning Post recently reported that a research team formed jointly by scientists from Germany, the United States, and several other countries released a research report, showing that, in 2010, over three million people globally died early due to air pollution mainly caused by PM2.5 and other pollutants. Among the three million who died, China’s share was 1.36 million, India had 0.65 million, and Pakistan ranked number three with 0.11 million. Most of the countries at the top of the list are in Asia. According to the research report, this total number will double by the end of 2050. The World Health Organization released a similar report last year, stating that, in 2012, over seven million people died early due to outdoor air pollution. The newly released report also disclosed that the primary causes of the PM2.5 pollutants in Asia were home air conditioners, cooking, agriculture fertilizers, power plants, and factories that do manufacturing. 
Source: South China Morning Post, September 17, 2015