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Huanqiu Commentary: The U.S. Pushed China and Russia to Work Together

Shortly after Putin’s visit to Beijing, Huanqiu published a commentary which addressed the joint “global strategic stability” agreements that Putin and Xi signed. It stated that the agreements demonstrated the mutual support from both countries on core issues including the South China Sea conflicts and U.S. plans to launch the Aegis Combat System in Europe and the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense in Northeast Asia. The commentary said that the agreements indicated indirectly that the U.S. is the major threat to global stability and that Beijing and Moscow are tired of the world supremacy that the U.S. is seeking. It further stated, "The U.S. has shown its wild ambition to have a global empire. It has threatened the security of the rest of the countries around the world and forced Russia and China to form a joint effort to face it. … There is more room for China and Russia to cooperate with each other. However, if the U.S. tries to pressure either of these two countries, it will force them to gain more support from each other.” 

Source: Huangqiu, June 25, 2016