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Xinhua: China Must Say No to the South China Sea Arbitration

Xinhua published a report on a special interview with Zhou Jian, representative of Boundary and Ocean Affairs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the interview, Zhou affirmed that China must say no to the South China Sea Arbitration.

The report stated China’s position, “To the South China Sea arbitration, which the Philippines instituted unilaterally, the Chinese government has expressed many times that [China] does not accept, does not participate in, does not recognize, and will not implement the [arbitration].” 
In the interview, Zhou Jian argued that the reason for China’s position can be summarized in three “Nots.” The Philippines does not follow laws; the Arbitration Court does not have jurisdiction; and the arbitration does not count.

The report stated that the illegal Philippines and the arbitration court, that misinterprets the law, have turned the “arbitration” into a conspiracy. Of course, it has no legal effect; it will not change China’s sovereignty; it will not change the historical facts on the South China Sea Islands and the adjacent waters; and it does not affect China’s maritime rights in the South China Sea.

Source: Xinhua, June 22, 2016