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Xinhua: The U.S. Election Exposes the Limitations of Its Democratic System

Xinhua recently published a commentary pointing out four major shortcomings of the U.S. democracy that deepens the division among U.S. voters. The author identified the number one problem as the fact that both parties’ leadership secretly manipulates the election process. The Republican leadership has done this more publicly than the Democrats. The second issue outlined in the commentary is the deeper and deeper influence that big money has had. Over the years, more and more money has been thrown into elections. The candidates are either rich or funded by the rich. The third negative shortcoming of the U.S. presidential election is that the majority of the voters do not welcome any candidate. According to a poll that Pew conducted, neither Trump nor Hillary had more than 35 percent of the people’s support. Finally, the commentary said that the kind of personal attacks seen in the U.S. election are a tragedy of our civilization.
Source: Xinhua, August 28, 2016