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RFA and VOA: Prevent a Coup? Beijing Faces the Danger of Coup

According to Radio of Free Asia (RFA) on August 16, 2016 and Voice of America on August 18, 2016, an unofficial Chinese website called Huanqiuzhiyin (Global Sound) based in Mainland China, published a long article saying that opposing a coup is the important political work that will need to receive special attention now and into the future. The original Huanqiuzhiyin article is no long available online. The article once again confirmed that the internal fighting within the top-level leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is far more intense than outsiders can imagine.

Huanqiuzhiyin, which has a military background in China, first praised China’s current top leader Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption actions, and then gave an example of a coup that took place in the former Soviet Union. When Nikita Khrushchev, former top leader of the Soviet Union, was in power, he conducted reforms that limited the privileges of the high officials of the Soviet Communist Party and thus offended a large number of officials, cadres, and groups of vested interests. In the end, Brezhnev overthrew Nikita Khrushchev.

The Huanqiuzhiyin article proposed an “anti-coup political strategy,” which includes four countermeasures such as “eliminating evil completely so as to avoid being victimized,” and “multiple channels to gain intelligence information.” Considering the time when the Huanqiuzhiyin article was published and Huanqiuzhiyin’s background, the writer of the RFA article believed that it is quite probable that a coup may break out among the high level leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

During the Beidaihe meeting this summer when the high officials of the CCP get together each year in the summer resort of Beidaihe, a group of the “Toad’s Fans” were openly planning to celebrate the former top leader Jiang Zemin’s ninetieth birthday. The police stopped the celebration immediately. This shows that the fight between Xi Jinping and the elderly Jiang and Jiang’s followers is not over yet.

Sources: Radio of Free Asia,  August 16, 2016 and Voice of America, August 18, 2016