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BBC Chinese: US-India and China-Pakistan Partnerships Made Announcements

BBC Chinese recently reported on an agreement that the United States and India signed, and also on a deal settled between China and Pakistan. The U.S. and Indian military reached an agreement on August 30 to allow the military bases of both sides to provide logistical support to each other. The agreement was designed to ease the mission of protecting freedom of navigation in international waters. On August 31, it was widely reported across Pakistan that the Pakistan Navy reported to the Pakistan’s National Assembly Defense Committee that it will acquire eight advanced submarines from China before 2028. This arms deal is worth around US$4 billion to US$5 billion. The construction of four of the submarines will take place in Karachi and China will transfer the technological know-how to Pakistan. Pakistan currently has eight submarines, which are all outdated.

Source: BBC Chinese, August 31, 2016
Source: BBC Chinese, August 30, 2016