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Boxun: To Prevent a Coup before He Left Beijing for the G20, Xi Jinping Did a Lot of Thinking

Boxun published an article titled “Zhongnanhai Insider: To Prevent a Coup Before He Left Beijing for the G20; Xi Jinping Did a Lot of Thinking.” It stated, “According to the article, Xi Jinping, China’s current top leader, visited strategic resources in the army yesterday in high profile and posed for a photo with all representatives and military officers above the division level.” Boxun claimed that an insider from Beijing said Xi had arranged this army visit to prevent “a backyard fire” or “a palace coup.” Xi has repeatedly pressured the high level officials to be loyal, but are they absolutely reliable? Boxun cited an insider’s words: “At the last moment who will really be laughing?” “Everything is changing!”

According to Wikipedia Chinese, Boxun is a Chinese website that is close to the regime of former leader Jiang Zemin.

There is also claim that Boxun has become an overseas voice of Xi Jinping in the past few years.

Sources: Boxun, August 30, 2016; Wikipedia