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To all of our readers: we fully appreciate the critical importance of understanding the increasingly significant role that China is playing in the fast-changing, closely-integrated global community.

To better serve your needs and to enhance your experience, we have re-designed our website with a new look and with improved search capabilities.

All of the content is still available to you. If, before the re-design, you bookmarked or created links to our articles, you may need to update your bookmarks (URLs) and search for the titles or key words to locate those articles with new URLs.

Chinascope is an independent research entity. As always, we are committed to providing an ever-expanding repertoire of resources for understanding today’s China including updates on Chinese policy making, official attitudes, social developments, and changing perceptions of the West, as well as insights into behind-the-scene developments and reports translated directly from Chinese media.

We hope you continue to find value in our in-depth reporting and analyses of Chinese-language media and documents that are generally inaccessible to the West.