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China Negotiated with Russia in Vain on Market Closure

From July 22 to 25, Deputy Minister Gao Hucheng led a Chinese Commerce and Trade Group to visit Moscow to discuss Russia’s closure of the Moscow market that many Chinese merchants used for small commodity trades. In June, the Russian authorities claimed that the Chinese merchandise did not go properly through Russian customs, so they suddenly closed the market and confiscated over over 15 billion yuan of goods, leaving more than 60,000 Chinese merchants with nothing.

After the negotations, China and Russia reached agreement on three points: 1. Both sides will further develop the strategic partnership with each other. 2. Both sides will further develop the commerce and trade between each other. 3. Both sides will resolve the closure of the large commodity market through friendly negotiation.

Ed – The Chinese merchants imported their goods into Russia through "gray customs," using the common practice of bribing Russian customs officials. There is no material result in the agreement that would help the merchants to get back their confiscated goods.

Source: Embassy of China in Russia