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Huanqiu Editorial: Why did the Philippine President Dare to Curse Obama with “the Dirtiest Words”?

According to a Huanqiu editorial on September 7, 2016, Philippine President Duterte recently called Obama a “son of a whore.” Although Duterte’s spokesman later expressed regret, Duterte’s words, like water poured on the ground, have been spread around the world. When Duterte cursed Obama, he also said that the Philippines is no longer a colony and that, except for the Filipino people, he has no other master.

Huanqiu commented that, “All of Duterte’s truthful words were from his heart,” and that it will be very hard for the US and Philippines to get over the resulting hostility.

The Western world criticizes the Philippines’ internal affairs for “human rights violations,” and the killing of over one thousand drug dealers, but what Duterte has done is widely welcomed in the Philippines. Of course Duterte cares more about the amount of support inside his country. Huanqiu concluded that the incident represents the emotion of repulsion and of “enough is enough” that the developing countries have when facing the impact of Western values.

Source: Huanqiu, September 7, 2016