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Huanqiu Editorial: “The Chinese People Are the Most Enthusiastic Fans of the G20 Summit”

On September 3, 2016, one day before the 2016 G20 Summit in Hangzhou China, Huanqiu (Global Times Chinese, a major official mouthpiece of the Communist Party) published an editorial asserting that “The Chinese people are the most enthusiastic fans of the G20 Summit.”

The Huanqiu editorial listed four “outstanding” “additional factors” about China’s hosting of the G20 Summit:

  1. The Chinese government regards hosting the G20 summit in China as a “Big Thing.” For the G20, China created a favorable environment as well as an efficient and comprehensive organization. Although there has been criticism of the extensive and intensive preparations for the meeting, “the positive effects are certainly greater than the negative ones.”
  2. As the world’s second largest economy and also the largest developing country, it is easier for China to communicate with both the developed countries and the emerging markets of the developing countries in a common language.
  3. China really wants to promote global governance for everyone’s mutual benefit. The editorial asserted that, “The Chinese people are the most enthusiastic fans of the G20 summit.”
  4. International public opinion has been bad-mouthing the G20. The developed countries are having difficulties extricating themselves from their crises, while the emerging markets of the developing countries face increasing challenges. The G20 needs a passionate summit. “Chinese society’s enthusiasm will help the G20.”
  5. China has been developing rapidly for several decades. It has shared the problems of globalization. It will be very productive for the world’s political and business leaders to gather in Hangzhou China to analyze China as the mirror of the world’s development.

Finally, the editorial criticized some Western media for politicizing the G20 summit. China, as the host country, however, proposed the summit themes and the discussion topics, which all centered on the economy.

Source: Huanqiu, September 3, 2016