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Chinese Riot Police Stormed into Wukan Village to Suppress Protests; They Injured and Arrested Many

In the early morning (at around 4:00 am) on September 13, 2016, a large number of Chinese riot police forcibly stormed into Wukan Village in Lufeng, Guangdong Province. They broke into homes and arrested the leaders of the ongoing protests over Lin Zuluan, their elected village chief who was jailed for “accepting bribes,” which the villagers did not believe. The police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at villagers while villagers threw rocks at the police. Many villagers were injured; the villagers said that one elderly woman was shot to death. The Lufeng Police announced that they had arrested 13 villagers. However, the villagers revealed that at least 70 people were arrested.

[Editor Note: In 2011, Wukan villagers won their protests over land seizures. They successfully expelled government officials and the police from their village. Eventually, the Communist authorities had to allow them to hold a true village election. They elected the protest leader, Lin Zuluan, as the village chief. Recently, because Lin was going to lead a new protest over land seizures, the Chinese authorities arrested and jailed him for taking bribes. The Wukan villagers have protested for more than 80 days since Lin was detained because they believe their chief is innocent.]


Source: Hong Kong Oriental Online, September 13, 2016