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Xinhua News Agency: Police Arrested 13 Wukan Villagers for Disturbing the Public Order

Xinhua News Agency reported on September 13, 2016, that the Lufeng City Police in Guangdong Province arrested 13 Wukan Villagers as criminal suspects for gathering and disturbing the public and the traffic order.

The Lufeng City Public Security Bureau announced in the early morning of September 13, 2016, that those 13 Wukan villagers had been making and spreading rumors. They incited, planned, blackmailed and coerced some other villagers to gather illegally in order to disturb the public, traffic, and the school and business order. “To safeguard the interests of the masses, restore normal production and life, the local police took action according to the law and arrested them for a trial.”

Souce: Xinhua News Agency, September 13, 2016