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People’s Daily: Liaoning Election Bribery Case Resulted in Large Scale Terminations

People’s Daily recently reported that the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee held a full member meeting on September 13. The meeting concluded that 45 national Congressmen elected in the 2013 election were illegal due to the bribery activities that had taken place. A total of 523 involved provincial Congressmen from Liaoning Province were terminated or resigned. There are 38 Liaoning provincial Congressmen in the 62-member provincial Congress Standing Committee who were removed from the Committee. The result was that the Liaoning Provincial Congress ceased to function due to a lack of members who met the minimum that the law required. This is the first time in the history of the current Republic that a provincial legislative branch could not serve. The National Congress decided to establish a Preparatory Group of the Liaoning Congress to play a temporary role. Zhang Dejiang, the Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, held the meeting.

Source: People’s Daily, September 13, 2016