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Xinhua: North Korea Called for International Help on Post-Flood Rebuild Effort

Xinhua recently reported that the North Korean Foreign Ministry held a meeting with diplomatic delegations to North Korea to brief them on the severe damage that the flood in North Hamgyong Province had caused. North Korea asked the countries with whom it had “long-term friendly and cooperative relations” to help rebuild the flooded region. Nine delegations from Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, and others attended the meeting and agreed to report back and recommend providing help. The recent flood caused hundreds of deaths (or those reported missing). <Editor’s note: The Xinhua report did not list all nine countries that North Korea considered “friendly and cooperative.” According to the North Korean Central News Agency, the other six countries are: Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Iran, and Pakistan. The devastating flood occurred a few days after North Korea’s latest nuclear bomb experiment.>

Source: Xinhua, September 15, 2016