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Global Times: The U.S. Filed WTO Complaint against China on Agricultural Subsidies

Global Times recently reported that the United State filed a new complaint against China with the World Trade Organization (WTO), claiming China violated WTO rules and subsidized domestic wheat, corn, and rice prices. The U.S. government released an announcement accusing the Chinese government of paying the farmers by setting the lowest government purchase prices for wheat, corn and rice. These subsidies broke the promises made in 2001 when China joined the WTO and directly resulted in overproduction, which weakened the competitiveness of the American farmers in the global market. The U.S. has intensified its trade attacks against China in recent months. The actions include taxing Chinese steel for anti-dumping, filing against China in WTO, and calling for the EU’s veto on China’s market economy status. The United States is the largest agricultural exporter in the world. This is the fourteenth WTO filing against China under the Obama Administration and its first WTO filing in support of U.S. food exporters.

Source: Global Times, September 14, 2016