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“Just Stress Party Nature but Human Nature”

On July 14, Zhou Jianguo, the town chief of Dianmen in Hengshan County of Hunan Province, ordered a force-demolition of more than 50 residential households in the Guihua village. He was reported stating “We just stress Party nature but human nature. Demolish!” The forced-demolition left hundreds of villagers to live and sleep in the open fields. Villagers said, “We suffer more than the victims of the Wenchun (Sichuan Province) earthquake. What they suffered was natural disaster…  But what we experienced was a man-made disaster. No one will pay attention to us.” One deputy town chief also said proudly, “Who can fight to beat the Communist Party?”

Source: Boxun News, Aug 4, 2009

Xinhua: India’s Bellicose Rhetoric”

Xinhua reported that some Indian hawks believe that exaggerating “China threat theory” promotes India’s military expansion to be “prepared (for the clash with China).” Xinhua further commented “However, it is completely India’s choice if it wants to put more resources into building ‘cannons’ instead of manufacturing ‘butter.’ … If India still thinks that it needs to create something to justify its decision, it shows that India still lacks the confidence that a strong country should have.”

Source: Xinhua, Aug 3, 2009

South China Sea Neighbors and U.S. Collaborate to Provoke China

People’s Daily Online reported that recently Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine and other countries deliberately provoked a sovereignty dispute with China, triggering tension in the South China Sea. “This year, Vietnam has constantly claimed the sovereignty of Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands.” “On July 2nd, Kuala Lumpur Security Review, one of the Malaysian media, published an article stating that the ‘Spratly Interest Group’ has been formed by the Southeast Asia countries to be against China.” People’s Daily also criticized the United States and Australia for intending to join the group and form a ‘CARAT Group.’” (CARAT, Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training, is a series of bilateral exercises held annually by the United States and six Southeast Asian countries: the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei — Ed.).

Source: People’s Daily Online, Aug 4, 2009

China’s Per Capita Income Gap: 55 Times in Difference

Radio Free Asia reported that Chinese scholars had shown that the highest per capita income in mainland China was 55 times the lowest. The difference is much higher than the officially published figures. Scholars believe that corruption is the reason for such a wide gap. It is the result of an ill-conceived system, and of the "gray" income to special groups [that is, income in the form of bribes — Ed.]. The wealth gap causes widespread dissatisfaction among the members of the public and poses the biggest threat to a harmonious society and sustainable economic development.

Source: Radio Free Asia, July 28, 2009

China Negotiated with Russia in Vain on Market Closure

From July 22 to 25, Deputy Minister Gao Hucheng led a Chinese Commerce and Trade Group to visit Moscow to discuss Russia’s closure of the Moscow market that many Chinese merchants used for small commodity trades. In June, the Russian authorities claimed that the Chinese merchandise did not go properly through Russian customs, so they suddenly closed the market and confiscated over over 15 billion yuan of goods, leaving more than 60,000 Chinese merchants with nothing.

After the negotations, China and Russia reached agreement on three points: 1. Both sides will further develop the strategic partnership with each other. 2. Both sides will further develop the commerce and trade between each other. 3. Both sides will resolve the closure of the large commodity market through friendly negotiation.

Ed – The Chinese merchants imported their goods into Russia through "gray customs," using the common practice of bribing Russian customs officials. There is no material result in the agreement that would help the merchants to get back their confiscated goods.

Source: Embassy of China in Russia

Central News Agency: The Corruption in Chinese Business World Is Forced

The Central News Agency reported that China palms corruption chaos off on multi-national corporations. In fact, Western companies had been forced to submit to the Chinese system of corruption. Peter Navarro, a professor at the School of Business at UC Irvine, said, “In China, because of corruption, multi-national corporations are in a dilemma. Corruption in China has become a part of people’s lives.” Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, believes that Western companies’ submission is rooted in the Chinese Communist Party. He said, “I think in China, large-scale transactions have indeed been full of corruption and the small-scale transactions have been in the same situation. Unfortunately, the Western companies have had to do that also. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) originally designed the system and hasn’t taken measures to deal with corruption."

Source: Central News Agency, July 26, 2009

Xinhua: China Warns of Tension if Obama Meets Dalai Lama

Global Times warned the Obama Administration that there would be severe consequencies if Obama meets with the Dalai Lama when he visits the US between the end of September and mid-October this year. Global Times quoted Shi Yinhong, a professor at the School of International Studies, Remin University of China (previously known as People’s University of China) and the Director of the American Studies Center: “The meeting between German Chancellor Angela and Dalai brought about 6 months of tension in Sino-German relations and the meeting between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Dalai brought about 4 months of tension in Sino-French relations. If Obama neglects the warnings, it will lead to at least 2 months of tension in Sino-US relations.”

Source: Global Times, July 20, 2009

Xinhua: US Walking on Socialism’s Path

Xinhua reported a saying circulating among Chinese on the Internet: "In 1949, only socialism could save China; in 1989, only China could save socialism; in 2009, only China can save capitalism." The article suggested there were many socialist factors in Obama’s reform measures. “The bankruptcy protection of GM and the reform of financial institutions reflect socialist characteristics. The government and the unions became General Motors’ largest shareholder. Therefore this company, the symbol of the spirit of American capitalism, becomes a ‘state-owned and collective enterprise’ (the form of enterprises existing in China under the theory of socialism – Ed.). The reform of US financial institutions is also like this. The U.S. wants to change the Federal Reserve into a ‘super regulator,’ to comprehensively strengthen the supervision of large financial institutions. It also plans to set up a new department of consumer financial protection, giving it more power than the current regulatory authority. This approach is consistent with Marx’s theory… Obama’s health insurance reform is more socialist than the nationalization of enterprises and the strengthening of supervision. Its purpose is to provide all Americans with affordable health insurance and the means is to establish governmental public medical insurance to compete with the private insurance industry."

Source: Xinhua, June 25, 2009