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Xinhua Commentary Claims Solving the Korean Peninsula Problem Requires “China‘s” Wisdom

After the PyeongChang Winter Olympics opened its “window,” the North-South Summit of the Peninsula and the DPRK-U.S. dialogue were announced. A commentary by China’s state media Xinhua stated that “the issue of the peninsula ushered in new opportunities, which are inseparable from China’s persistence and promotion.”

The commentary stated, “All parties, including the United States and South Korea, are fully aware that the current positive trend in the situation on the peninsula has benefited from China’s persistence. When the Korean peninsula was caught in a vicious cycle of ‘verbal attacks’ and ‘exhibiting muscles’ last year, when North Korea and the United States clamored and shouted at each other, China insisted on the ‘double suspension’ and ‘dual-track process’ approach, pointing out a reasonable direction to break the deadlock. The North-South and North Korea-American interactions after the PyeongChang Winter Olympics showed that as long as the ‘double suspension’ and ‘dual-track process’ were implemented, the situation on the peninsula would usher in a turning point.”

“On the peninsula issue, China has done a lot of work, provided a Chinese plan, and brought together all parties involved. Looking ahead, even though the dawn appeared at the end the tunnel, the settlement of the peninsula issue will not be an easy path. However, regardless of the way ahead, solving the peninsula problem cannot be separate from the wisdom of China and it is inseparable from China’s determination. China will, as always, play a unique role in resolving the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, urging all parties to talk and making the talks continue, hoping the talks will bring about a peaceful, stable, non-nuclear Korean Peninsula.”

Source: Xinhua, March 15, 2018

Xinhua: What Is the Mystery behind the U.S.’s Revision of Its Nuclear Strategy?

Xinhua published an article in its military section, “analyzing” the United States’ new strategic plan for its nuclear technology. The article stated, “The United States has recently hinted that it will revise its nuclear strategy. Specifically, it is developing tactical nuclear weapons while loosening up the conditions for the use of tactical nuclear weapons and even issuing threats about using tactical nuclear weapons. Why is the U.S. revising its nuclear strategy?” “To sum it up, the United States’ revision of its nuclear strategy is to make full use of existing technological advantages to improve its strategic position (in the world). This is the same means that the United States has always used.”

The article continued, “At present, the United States has turned its attention to the field of nuclear technology. Nuclear technology is a double-edged sword. Using this advantage will have benefits and it will have a significant impact on the U.S. and even on the world. Although the United States has only talked about its nuclear plan, it has a long way to go to implement it in a concrete way. It already has this intention, which indicates that the United States has already had to use its technological advantage with a double-edged sword to create its own strategic status. This also shows that, in recent years, the United States has been in a state of distress in the fields of technology, capital, and comprehensive national power. At the same time, it also shows that the United States is currently dissatisfied with its strategic position in the world and hopes to use a field with technological advantages to improve its strategic situation in a more powerful way. The state of Russia in previous years is similar to the current state of the United States. In those years, Russia was once in rapid decline in its national strength. The core element to maintain its status as a major power is nuclear power. The United States has also fallen into the use of nuclear advantages to maintain its strategic advantage. This is the mystery behind the United States’ nuclear strategy.”

Source: Xinhua, February, 9, 2018

China Review News: The U.S. Strategy on China Has Changed from Cooperation to Containment

China Review News, China’s state-sponsored media in Hong Kong, published an article stating that Trump clearly explained the Trump administration’s position on China in the economic field in his State of the Union address and in the U.S. National Security Strategy adopted in December 2017. He said that the U.S. strategy on China has changed from cooperation to containment.

The article compared Trump’s speech to former U.S. presidents’ remarks and previously issued U.S. documents pertaining to U.S. China policies. The article said, “The national security strategy that President Barack Obama approved in 2015 highly praised ‘unprecedented cooperation’ with China and called China a ‘strategic partner.’” (However), “the new U.S. national security strategy has, for the first time, listed economic cooperation and development issues as the core issue of ensuring national security. It characterizes the economic relations with China as one of the U.S.’s major security threats as well as a current challenge of ‘the global order that the Western powers established after the Second World War.’”

The article concluded, “U.S. policy toward China has turned a corner: Washington has shifted from a policy of trying to change China’s political system via cooperation to a ‘containment’ policy. The impending ‘trade war’ is only the first stage of a war of ideals. (We) hope Beijing can have enough wisdom (to deal with it).”

The article has been republished in many popular online based Chinese news media including People’s Daily (overseas edition), Sina, and others.

1. China Review News (CRN), March 6, 2018
2. Sina, March 7, 2018

China Review News: Russia Cannot Achieve Its Return to Being a Great Power without Cooperation from China

China’s state-sponsored media, China Review News, published an article stating that Russia recently gave its people the impression that it is filled with calm and confidence as a big country; however, Russia can only become a global power  if, in the future, it cooperates with China.

The article stated, “Look at the timeline over a longer period. Russia has not yet stepped out of the slow recession that occurred after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Russian economy, which relied on abundant resources, has not had breakthroughs for a long time. Russia has a vast territory and fertile land. It is one of the few countries in the world with large resources. Russia, however, lags far behind developed countries in Europe and America in terms of industrial modernization.

“Putin positioned Russia as a Eurasian country and sought to find a way out from its role as a bridge connecting Asia and Europe. The situation of the Eurasian continent has undergone great changes in the past 20 years. At what speed and in what form China will exert its influence on the Eurasian continent is a major issue that is related to Russia’s national fate.

“President Putin is a realist. The border line between Russia and China is as long as 4,300 kilometers. Judging from the gap in economic strength between the two sides, Russia has been unable to compete with China. What is more, China is the most important buyer of Russian oil and natural gas. In the diplomatic field, in order to compete with the United States, China is an indispensable partner.

“In the future, Russia can only become a global power by cooperating with China. Therefore, cooperation with China is the way for Russia to survive as a Eurasian country.”

Source: China Review News, March 7, 2018

China Continues to Drive Out Low-End Population

Beijing earlier conducted an extensive security risk investigation, forcing a large number of its low-end population to move out of the city. The activity caused an uproar in Chinese society and around the world because of the government-led violation of human rights. While the initial reaction is cooling down, the government is continuing to drive the so called low end population out of the capital city.

At the end of last month, in Yanjiao Town, Sanhe City of Hebei Province, which a just a river apart from Tongzhou, the satellite capital of Beijing, the Hebei authorities repeated the closing down of a large number of grassroots businesses and rental properties following the expulsion of a large number of low-end migrant workers. Vendors up to several kilometers along the main avenues and streets have been impacted. A joint law enforcement team composed of seven departments including public security, fire control, and urban management closed down and put a seal on those vendors and rental properties.

The staff of the government office in Sanhe City said it was unclear when the action would end and when the sealed houses would reopen. The local authorities hope that when the locals are ready to go to their homes for the Spring Festival, they will completely remove their work and living fundamentals in the area so they are prevented from coming back after the Spring Festival.

Source: wenxuecity (originally from, January 13, 2018

People’s Daily: Firmly Grasp This Promising Historic Opportunity

People’s Daily published a commentary on its front page calling upon China to take full advantage of the promising historic opportunity it has to realize the “Chinese Dream.” The article is a follow-up to the speech that Xi Jinping gave on January 5 at the seminar on studying and implementing the main ideas of the 19th CPC National Congress, where he stated that China is at a period of promising historic opportunity.

The commentary stated, “(This historic opportunity) is the inevitable change in the world over the centuries. In today’s world, ‘democratic deficits,’ ‘governance deficits,’ and ‘development pitfalls’ have come one after the other. Such issues as polarization between the rich and poor, terrorism, and climate change have been emerging constantly. The international political and economic system dominated by capitalism is displaying multiple disadvantages. The global governance system is undergoing profound changes. A new international order is being built. What’s wrong with the world? Where do humans go? These problems are distressing and confusing to politicians, scholars, and the general public all over the world. However, history has not ended. The practices in China have provided a completely new choice for solving the common problems of mankind. Today, as mankind is becoming a common community of destiny, the world has never been so concerned about China and so much in need of China. This has opened up a vast strategic space for us to adhere to peaceful development and gain advantages.”

“This historic period of opportunity encompasses all dimensions, not only in economic development but also in acceleration of the revolution in science and technology and industry, increasing the influence of Chinese culture. There are also more applause given to China’s wisdom and China’s programs. … From an internal point of view, China’s development has entered the stage of qualitative improvement after the accumulation of quantities and has progressed from a phase of rapid growth to a period of high-quality development. The Chinese wheels are now being driven out of the historical gorges and into the vast waters of the vast sea. From the perspective of the world, ‘a world of chaos’ is in stark contrast to ‘the orderly rule of China.’ The world’s eyes are moving eastward and the scenery of China has become the vision of more and more countries.”

Source: People’s Daily, January 185, 2018

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