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Xinhua: New Round of Conflicts between U.S. and Russia

The recent conflict between Russia and Georgia was in fact a forceful rebuttal launched by Russia against the United States’ expansion in Russia’s neighborhood, but not likely leading to major confrontation, said Xinhua.  The article listed Russia’s embargo on Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, support of the Palestine’s Hamas, arms sales to Venezuela, Syria and Iran; and cooperation with Iran on civil application of nuclear technology, all as proactive responses to the United States. “From the long-term perspective, if Russia exercises adequate self-control, the situation would not deteriorate and the relationship between Russia and the West would not suffer major setbacks.”

Source: Xinhua, September 10, 2008

People’s Daily: A Powerful China Will Bring Good Sino-Japanese Relations under the People’s Daily quoted an article on the recent resignation of Fukuda as Japanese Prime Minister by Wen Wei Po, a pro-China regime newspaper in Hong Kong.  The Wen Wei Po article dismisses the concerns of a more conservative Taro Aso as successor and holds that the stronger China becomes, the better the bilateral relations, and the easier the issues such as East China Sea will be resolved.  The Chinese website quoted Wen Wei Po as saying the two problems in Japan are the aging of its population and the persistent weakening of its economy which contrasts with a post-Olympic Chinese economy.

Source: People’s Daily, September 5, 2008

Military Hotline Attracts Attention in Meeting between China and South Korea’s Top Leaders

China’s head Hu Jintao and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak are meeting in Seoull on August 25. This is the third meeting in three months between the two countries’ heads. One particular topic that has attracted attention is whether the China-South Korea military hotline will make progress in the meeting so that the hotline will be opened before year’s end. It is anticipated that the implementation of the concept that China and South Korea be strategic partners will be discussed. Therefore the expectation that the military hotline [will open] also runs high.

Source:, August 25, 2008

Xinhua: U.S. Expansion of Air Force Base in Central Asia Puts Western China under Threat

Xinhua’s Global Times published a report today stating that the Northwestern region of Xinjiang is under U.S. threat due to the presence of a U.S. air force base in Kyrgyzstan’s Manas International Airport in its capital Bishkek. The article says, “It has never been heard of that a country’s capital airport be entered by a foreign country’s air force, civil and military planes sharing the same track. The author says that the U.S. hits three birds with one stone with the base: getting close to Russia’s soft part in the South; directly threatening China’s wester areas; and encroaching on Iran from another direction.

Source: Xinhua, August 5, 2008

“Taiwan Communist Party” Officially Formed

Taiwan Communist Party announced its establishment in Town of Xinghua in Tainan County on July 20. Taiwan Ministry of Interior issued its final approval last month. Huang Laoyang was elected as the Chairman by 70 party members. He has been seeking approvals of the Taiwan administration since 1984.

Source: Taiwan United Daily News, July 21, 2008

Hu Says China Prioritizes Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership Development in Foreign Relations

Hu met the visiting Russian Foreign Minister S. V. Lavrov on July 21, 2008, in the People’s Hall in Beijing. During the meeting, Hu expressed appreciation for Russia’s supports to China in the issues related to Taiwan, Tibet, and Beijing Olympics. Hu said that China always puts developing Sino-Russian strategic partnership in priority in China’s foreign relations work and hopes to further implement the various achieved agreements and consensuses between the two countries, deepen the strategic cooperation.

Source: People’s Daily, July 22, 2008

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