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China Youth: Business Cooperation Between Vietnam and Guangxi Province

To foster Vietnamese and China’s business cooperation, 130 young business entrepreneurs and youth representatives from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region took a five-day trip, leaving July 26 for Vietnam. The intent was to find business opportunities and develop cooperation between the two countries, according to a report in the China Youth Daily. The young business entrepreneurs represented the following business sectors: real estate, medical equipment, computers, supply chain and so on. The intent is for the two countries to cooperate with each other concerning employment and new ventures.

                                                                                                                                           Source: China Youth Daily, August 13, 2009

Xinhua: Kim Jung-Il Expressed a Willingness to Strengthen Friendship

Xinhua News reported immediately after the face to face talk between Kim Jung-Il and former US President Bill Clinton that, Kim Jung-Il said there was “no change” in the policy of strengthening and developing the friendship between North Korea and China. It was reported that Kim said so after viewing an old Chinese stage play by North Korea’s National Troupe of Stage Play. He suggested that the friendship with China was established by the previous senior leadership of the two countries, which made it very valuable.

Source: China News Net, August 13, 2009.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Yellow Book on Shanghai Cooperation Organization

The Institute of Eastern European, Russian & Central Asian Studies in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences published a “Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Yellow Book: Shanghai Cooperation Organization Report 2009” on August 11, 2009. The report said that SCO is a growing regional international organization. Security cooperation and economic operations are the major cooperation areas among its member countries. SCO’s influence has been increasing. Many countries and international organizations have expressed interest in working together with or even joining it.

The Yellow book also mentioned the global financial crisis’ impact on SCO’s member countries. All its member countries use infrastructure construction to stimulate domestic consumption and promote economic development. They are paying special attention to economic structure adjustment, which will present a larger area and scale for future economic cooperation among these countries.

[1] Xinhua, August 11, 2009
[2] Xinhua, August 11, 2009

Boxun: High Ranking US State Department Official Talks about Kim Jong-Il

A high ranking US State Department official, who wishes to remain anonymous, suggested on Thursday that Kim Jong-Il was willing to change his policies towards a pro-American direction. Kim intends to have direct dialogues with the US. His move on quitting the Six Party Talks was to break away from Beijing instead of Moscow. Kim’s deputy “leaked” some information to former US president Clinton on nuclear weapons: the warheads won’t reach the US, but can reach “the west side” (countries west of Korea, such as China). The ball is now with Washington.

Source: Boxun, August 8, 2009.

Xinhua: India’s Bellicose Rhetoric”

Xinhua reported that some Indian hawks believe that exaggerating “China threat theory” promotes India’s military expansion to be “prepared (for the clash with China).” Xinhua further commented “However, it is completely India’s choice if it wants to put more resources into building ‘cannons’ instead of manufacturing ‘butter.’ … If India still thinks that it needs to create something to justify its decision, it shows that India still lacks the confidence that a strong country should have.”

Source: Xinhua, Aug 3, 2009

China Peaceful Reunification Association Establishes a Regional Hong Kong Association

The Hong Kong Regional branch of the China Peaceful Reunification Association was formed on July 30. At the ceremony at the Hong Kong Convention Center, Du Qinglin, Minister of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, said the Hong Kong Association will build a bridge to promote exchange between the two sides (China and Taiwan); firmly defend national unification and territorial integrity; continuously expand the force to promote reunification and prevent (Taiwan’s) independence.

The President of the Hong Kong Regional Association, Gao Jingde, outlined three areas for the association to focus on: 1. Actively connect with the organizations and individuals in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas to form a peaceful reunification force; 2. Promote trade and exchange of culture, education, technology, media, sports, and tourism; 3. Conduct real and good work for a peaceful relationship between the two sides.

Source: United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee

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