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Xinhua: Stop the Irresponsible Uproar

Xinhua published a commentary article stating that the comments made by Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the European Parliament, to boycott Beijing Olympic is sheer nonsense, extremely irresponsible and represent only a few western biased views which will have no effect. “This kind of unpopular statement will hurt the feelings of 1.3 billion Chinese people and place itself on the opposing side of a quarter of world’s population”, it said. “People who make this kind of statement are carrying cold-war mentality and ignoring the stability, development and prosperity China has made. They only want to smear and criticize China , which has reflected their own arrogance and ignorance.”

Source: Xinhua, March 30, 2008

Tibet: Xinhua Claims Support from Chinese Students Studying in Canada

Global Times, a newspaper under the State Xinhua, continues to criticize western media for “false and distorted” news reporting of the Tibetan protests. On March 25, 2008, Global Times states, “the overseas Chinese are in unprecedented unison, firmly standing side by side with the motherland, and proactively seek to bring out the truth of Tibet to rebut the vilification of the western media in a reasonable and lawful manner in spite of obstructions.” It states that local government in Toronto, Canada, denied the application for permit by some overseas Chinese students to hold anti-"Tibet independence" activities.

Source: Global Times, reprinted by March 25, 2008

Bangladesh Hosts Expo on Chinese Universities

On March 25th, the Third China Educational Expo was held in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The participants came from 19 universities in China including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The aim of the exhibit was to assist Bangladeshis in further understanding the current system of college education in China and how they might attend universities in China for their college education.

Source: Xinhua, March 25, 2008

ChinaNews: Chinese Associations in US Denounce the Tibetan Separatists

This front page article of China News cited a report from “Qiao Bao” (“Oversea Chinese Daily”), a US-based newspaper backed by Beijing, that Chinese Associations in the DC area have expressed their “grave anger” towards “the very few” “Tibetan separatists” who committed “criminal acts” in Tibet as well as recent “terrorist attacks” on overseas Chinese consulate buildings. An official statement released by the US Fujian Fellowship Association calls for overseas Chinese to “defend the embassy and consulates of the motherland and to protect the safety of our diplomats”, according to the article. A joint statement from the Washington DC Council for Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China and the Greater DC Friends of Xinjiang Association expressed “grave anger” towards “certain Western media” for “intentional misleading reporting” on the Tibet incident and called for Western politicians “not to be cheated by Dalai clique”.

Source: China News, March 23, 2008

Sino-Peru Joint Press Communique Signed in Beijing

On March 20, Beijing published a Sino-Peru Joint Press Communique during the State visit of the President of Peru Alan Garcia Perez to China from March 18th to 21st. The Communique states that the Peruvian government supports the one-China policy and opposes Taiwan’s referendum on UN membership. Peru acknowledges the “market economy” status of China, with its bilateral trade volume exceeding 6 billion USD. China and Perus will engage in cooperation on mining, energy, telecommunications, electric power, and fishery. Peru highly appreciates China’s important aid. China wishes Peru’s success as host of APEC in 2008. Peru wishes China’s success as host of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Source: Xinhua, March 20, 2008

China Rejects “Groundless Accusations” by EU on Human Rights Violations

China firmly rejects the "groundless accusations" by the European Union and NGO’s on China’s human rights record, according to the official Chinese delegate attending the 7th Session of UN Human Right Conference in Geneva. For the past thirty years, China’s democratic and judicial system has been constantly improving, the level of human rights enjoyed by the people is steadily rising, and the government policy on human rights has been "whole-heartedly" supported by the people, according to the official statement. It suggests that EU members should check their own human rights records before accusing others.

Source: Xinhua, March 17, 2008

China-Russia Military Hotline Formally Opened for Conversation

International Herald Leader, a newspaper owned by Xinhua News Agency,reported that on March 14, 2008, a China-Russia military hotline formally opened for communication between the two countries. In the first telephone conversation over the line, Chinese Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan talked to his Russian counterpart Anatoly Serdyukov. The report says that China-Russia military hotline beat out the China-U.S. hotline as China’s first such telephone line linked to a foreign country, which reflected a higher level of political trust and strategic coordination between China and Russia.

Source: Xinhua, March 18, 2008

Hong Kong on U.S. Human Rights Report

A Hong Kong Special Administrative Region representative commented on the U.S. report stating that although universal suffrage will not occur in 2008, gradual changes may be made for the elections of the Chief Executive and the 60-member Legislative Council.  

Universal suffrage would allow
Hong Kong residents to choose their representatives independent of Beijing’s appointment. Hong Kong has been a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China since July 1, 1997.  On December 29, 2007, Beijing made it clear that it would not allow universal suffrage for Hong Kong’s Chief Executive until 2017. Similarly, it will not be until 2020 that Hong Kong’s residents may have the right to directly elect all the members of Hong Kong’s legislature. 

Source: Ming Pao, March 12, 2008