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High Administrative Cost and China’s Political System

The root cause of high administration expenditure lies in the Chinese system and a deep-down system reform is the only way to resolve the problem, said the People’s Daily website. Major administrative and functional coordination is implemented by government or quasi-government entities that extend their control throughout the country via various layers of government entities. Centralized system brings weak local governments that are derivative of the central government. Too many layers of government also contribute to the high administrative cost of the government.

Source: People’s Daily website, September 10, 2008

State Media Silent on Anniversary of Mao’s Death

September 9 marked the 32nd anniversary of the death of Mao Zedong, the former Chairman and idol of China. Chinese state media had little coverage and remained low key on the anniversary of Mao’s death. Mao’s name has apparently been one of the sensitive names about which the government discourages the open discussion. One posting on the issue was found on titled: “Chinese people will never forget Mao Zedong”. But when the posting was opened, a message jumped out: “this posting has been deleted after inspection.”

Source: Voice of America, September 9, 2008

Phoenix TV Commentator Recommends Using Lawsuits to Attack Foreign Media Defaming China

Hong Kong Phoenix TV commentator He Liangliang published an article in Xinhua’s newspaper International Herald Tribune under the title “Using Lawsuits to Attack the Foreign Media Making Fake News, Threaten the Media Defaming China.” He believes no matter whether (China) wins or loses the lawsuit, it will be sufficient to threaten and shock the Western media who think they will pay no price to defaming China. He says that China should organize a specialized talent team, prepare fully, and that China now already has such a capability. He believes such action can make the target media lose their reputation, audience, and advertisement market.

Source: Xinhua, September 9, 2008

Li Peng, the Former Prime Minister, is Seriously Ill

Li Peng, the former prime minister, was not present at the funeral service held for Hua Guofeng two days ago. Unverified sources disclosed that Li has been seriously ill after he suffered a stroke earlier this year. It was said that the Propaganda Department has started to draft Li’s death annoucement and was carefully picking out the words for fear of heightened response with the 20th anniversary of the June 4th student movement in 2009.

Source: Boxun, September 1,2008

Thirteen Falun Gong Videos Made the Top 100 Most-Viewed during Olympics

Alleyinsider reports that according to TubeMogul , which tracks video views across 20 sites, including YouTube, Revver, Dailymotion and Metacafe, 13 videos from Falun Gong sources were among the top 100 most-viewed during the first week of the Beijing Olympics, netting 3.5 million views. And it had four videos among the top 100 the following week, netting 1 million views. It’s the first time Falun Gong has had any video in the top 100 since TubeMogul started keeping track in 2006. Until the opening day of the Olympics Falun Gong videos had netted a mere 95,000 views.

Source:, August 25, 2008

China’s State Media Attacks German Media following Suspension of Chinese Reporter by Deutsche Welle

After a Chinese reporter Zhang Danhong in Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany) was suspended due to her pro-communist comments a week ago, China’s state media Xinhua reacted strongly, emphasizing the incident. Xinhua has published a series of articles to defend her comments and attack Western media’s “press freedom.” Xinhua says that Ms. Zhang was suspended because of her “pro-China” comments; (she) incurred danger due to telling the “truth.” Xinhua makes its point by quoting a Chinese person’s reaction: “Germany’s media can not even allow such an (objective and just) person, we can see how horrible this country’s media (freedom) environment has become.”

Source: Xinhua, September 2, 2008

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