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IHL: Why Does the U.S. Maintain a Weak Army?

The International Herald Leader published a commentary on U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel’s announcement about a reduction of forces that would cut Army personnel by over 70,000 starting in 2015. 

“First, the U.S. Army cut shows that, for a long period of time, the U.S. military will give up massive ground wars outside of its territory.” 

"For China, the U.S. Army’s cuts raise more concerns.” A reduction or giving up a massive ground war in the Asia Pacific region means that “the U.S. will not hesitate to adopt Air Sea warfare as well as other more subversive forms of combat. Instead of combat that would involve a large number of troops, it will adopt air raids, sea and air strangulation, cyber-attacks, propaganda, diplomatic alliances, economic sanctions, and other ‘combined’ means to weaken the opponent’s combat capability; it will try to achieve maximum advances quickly, with minimum or even ‘zero’ casualties.”

“While reduced in forces, the U.S. military will, on the other hand, tighten its fists. China cannot take it lightly and should remain vigilant.” 

Source: International Herald Leader, March 3, 2014