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Virus Origin: Henan Province Issued an Order to Safely Manage Laboratory Animals

After Xi Jinping gave the direction to include biosafety as part of the national security system, Science and Technology Daily reported that Henan Province issued an order on February 18 on safely managing laboratory animals.

The order requires strengthening the monitoring and control of the entire process of laboratory animals and strengthening the disinfection and sterilization of each stage including production, transportation, and use. The dead bodies and waste of laboratory animals must be strictly and harmlessly treated so as to prevent the escape of animals and the spread of pathogens that could endanger human health, public health, and environmental safety. It must be ensured that the production and use of experimental animals are safe and controllable; it should immediately be reported to the local veterinary department and the Provincial Science and Technology Department if irregular batch deaths of laboratory animals are found to have occurred.

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Source: Science and Technology Daily, February 19, 2020