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Taiwan: A Taiwan Businessman Values Others’ Lives Before His Own

Liu Jinxing, a Taiwan Legislator (Member of the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan), posted a letter from a Taiwan businessman on Facebook.

The letter said:

“I am a Taiwan citizen stuck in mainland China. I am sending this posting for no other reason than to ask President Tsai Ing-wen to increase the Wuhan Pneumonia control level in Taiwan and to deny entrance to Taiwan for any people from the mainland .

Beijing is having a severe (epidemic) situation, but Taiwan still has five airports open to China. Though where I stay still is some distance from Beijing, three corpses have been removed from around my community…

The main reason that I don’t leave China is that I am concerned about bringing the virus back to Taiwan or even transmitting it to my family. President Tsai, please temporarily close the door. If it is my destiny to die out of my hometown, I will take it. President Tsai, please take care of my family in Taiwan. If the worst thing happens to me, I will not, and I have no reason, to blame the government (of Taiwan).

Not every Taiwanese in mainland China is so afraid of death. Even if there are 1 million Taiwanese in mainland China, there are 20 million on the island of Taiwan. Each Taiwanese businessman understands clearly which is more important. Don’t worry about us.

If everyone in Taiwan is kept safe, that is the biggest comfort to me because I am away from home.”

Liu also posted an explanation from a friend at the Interior Ministry saying that the number of people from mainland China who have travelled to Taiwan has decreased significantly. Completely cutting any entry from China might lead people to try to enter via a third country which would make it even harder to track or monitor them.

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Excerpt in Chinese:

我是一個目前還在中國的台灣人,我發這個帖子不為別的,只懇請希望蔡總統能進一步將武漢肺炎的疫情層級拉高 ~ 暫時關閉國門。




在台灣的你們平平安安,就是我一個在外的遊子最大的安慰。感恩 謝謝

Source: Facebook


Posted by 抓到了!這梗很綠 on Saturday, February 22, 2020