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Infection Count: Shandong Internal Report Had Much Higher Infection Count Than the Published Numbers

Epoch Times, an independent Chinese language media based in the U.S., provided details from the internal reports that it obtained from the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These reports, which were provided to the Shandong Provincial Health Commission, showed much higher coronavirus infection counts than the official number that China published.

On February 19, CDC’s and hospitals in Shandong reported 49 new infection cases based on positive results shown in nucleic acid tests. On that day, Shandong announced only 2 new cases. On February 20, 274 cases tested positive (one of which was a case that had been confirmed already), while the officially published number was 202.

Epoch Times created a table to compare the internally reported count vs. the officially announced count from February 8 to February 22. The first column is the date, second column is the officially announced new infection count, the third one is the internally reported cases, and the fourth one is the percent of internal count over the published count.

Image of the Epoch Times’ table:

The nucleic acid test will only show positive for 30-50 percent of the coronavirus infections. Therefore, the actual infection count may be proportionately higher than the report that is officially published.

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Source: Epoch Times, February 24, 2020