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Infection Count: Changjiang Daily Reported a Coronavirus Case on a Day That the Government Reported Zero

Changjiang Daily, a newspaper under the Wuhan Communist Party Committee, published an article in memory of a female doctor Xia Sisi who died from the coronavirus infection at the age of 29.

The article mentioned that on January 14, a patient that Xia was in charge of was confirmed to have the Coronavirus infection. Xia developed symptoms on January 19 and was hospitalized.

However, Hubei reported zero infection cases on January 14.

After people discussed on the Internet that Changjiang Daily might have accidentally leaked the truth out, the newspaper revised the article.

Revised sentence: 1月14日,夏思思接触并负责了一位病人,没想到,就在这个接触过程中,她被感染了。(On January 14, Xi Sisi was in contact with and in charge of a patient; but unexpectedly, she was infected during the contact.)

Original sentence: 1月14日,夏思思接触并负责的一位病人于当天下午确诊为新冠肺炎。(On January 14, in the afternoon, a patient that Xi Sisi was in contact with and in charge of was confirmed to have the novel Coronavirus infection.)

Screenshot of the original article:

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Source: Changjiang Daily, February 23, 2020