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World against the CCP: Call the Coronavirus the “CCP Virus”

The Washington Post published an article on March 19, 2020, suggesting calling the novel coronavirus the “CCP Virus.” Calling it the “Chinese virus” might unfavorably affect the Chinese citizens or Chinese Americans, who are also the victims of the virus.

“We must all be specific in blaming the Chinese Communist Party for its actions. It was the CCP that hid the virus outbreak for weeks, silencing doctors, jailing journalists, and thwarting science — most notably by shutting down the Shanghai lab that publicly released the first coronavirus genome sequence.”

The article also warned that “(p)art of the CCP’s strategy is to divide us along political, ethnic and racial lines.”

It suggests that the “CCP virus” is “more accurate and offends only those who deserve it.”

Besides the Washington Post, other people also suggested “CCP virus.” An independent petition, “Let’s start calling the novel coronavirus the CCP virus,” was created on the White House “We the People” petition site on March 20, 2020.

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