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“World Leader”: Global Times Called Sweden “Irresponsible” for “Surrendering to the Coronavirus”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been trying to portray itself as the world leader in directing the global battle against the novel coronavirus. Recently the Global Times, a media under the CCP’s mouthpiece People’s Daily, published an article that criticized Sweden for being irresponsible in controlling the virus.

The article said that, on March 12, Sweden decided not to test patients with mild symptoms  or suspected patients for the coronavirus infection since it is impossible to stop the spread of the virus in Sweden anyway. Instead, the government will focus its limited resources on medical staff and hospitalized patients who have a higher risk or have a severe condition.

The Global Times’ article called Sweden, “the first European country that surrendered to the coronavirus. Its latest policy is highly irresponsible, whether to protect the health of the Swedish people or coordinate the global battle against the pandemic.”

“Sweden’s action is to be an ostrich (to bury its head in the sand as if nothing has happened).”

“Carrying out this decision will severely violate humanity’s principles. It is shocking to see it happen in a developed European country that advertises “democracy” and ‘human rights.’”

“The international community, especially the European Union should vigorously condemn Sweden’s surrendering to the virus.”

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Source: Global Times, March 13, 2020