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LTN: Huawei Admitted Its Harmony OS Cannot Replace Android

Major Taiwanese news network Liberty Times Network (LTN) recently reported that the Huawei Western Europe Chief Vincent Pang admitted having “great difficulty” with handset sales. Pang said that, due to U.S. sanctions, Huawei lost its capability to bundle Google services on its smartphones. This heavily damaged Huawei’s international sales of consumer products. Huawei Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Andy Purdy also complained about the U.S. sanctions which led to a cutoff of chip supplies from companies like Intel. It significantly limited Huawei’s growth. Huawei has its own Harmony OS, which was expected to replace Android to power Huawei’s smart devices. However, Huawei’s CEO of the Consumer Products Group, Yu Chengdong, recently told the U.S. technology magazine Wired that the company hopes to have the U.S. government’s permission to resume the partnership with Google, especially to use its Play Store. Yu said he would like to keep the Android ecosystem and the Harmony OS may need a couple more years to mature. Huawei also complained that the U.S. government still refused to open a dialogue with Huawei.

Source: LTN, April 1, 2020