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Propaganda and Lies: FCC Commissioner Unmasked China Spokesperson’s Lie

On April 9, China Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying posted on Twitter:

“Welcome to China anytime and talk to anyone in the streets to enjoy the freedom. BTW Where is freedom & transparency when Captain Crozier was dismissed for a letter to save thousands of lives and medical workers fired for talking about working conditions?”

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr responded with a list of people that he wished to speak with, whom the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has silenced for speaking out the truth:

“Great! First, I would like to speak with Dr. AI Fen. She worked at Wuhan Central Hospital and tried to sound the alarm on the virus. Could you un-disappear her so we could speak?”

“Next, I’d like to speak with Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin – two video bloggers that tried to bring the world a glimpse of Wuhan unfiltered by your Communist regime. Could you un-disappear them so we could speak?”

“I’d then like to speak with Xie Linka who worked at Wuhan Union Hospital. She joined other Wuhan health officials in trying to sound the alarm on Covid before being berated and forced into silence by communist officials. Can I speak with her?”

Last, he asked Hua Chunying, “@SpokespersonCHN does your offer still stand? Or has it suddenly disappeared as things tend to do over there?”

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Source: Media Right, April 11, 2020

FCC Head Brendan Carr Demands China ‘Un-Disappear’ People, Obama Approach was ‘Weak and Timid’