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Infection Count: Coronavirus Is Spreading in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

It is hard to get true coronavirus infection information from China as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hides it from the public. Recently, news media in China reported that the epidemic situation may have gotten out of control in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province.

#1: Harbin had an infection case when a Chinese student returned from the U.S. on March 19. She was doing self-quarantine at home first and during that time she transmitted the virus to a neighbor. The neighbor passed it to her boyfriend and her mother; her mother passed it to her boyfriend. When having meal with another family, both her mother and her boyfriend passed it to them. Mr. Chen, 87, of that family went to Harbin No 2 Hospital and later the No 1 Hospital Affiliated to Harbin Medical University to treat some non-coronavirus diseases, which further infected 26 people in both hospitals.

The infection also spread to another province. On April 16, a woman in Fushun City, Liaoning Province was confirmed as having the infection. It was traced back to her having contact with people in the No 1 Hospital Affiliated with Harbin Medical University. Later she had dinner with her mother and several relatives, which might have led to the spread to other people.

As of April 18, the Heilongjiang Health Commission reported 32 infection cases and 19 asymptomatic cases, related to this chain of transmissions.

Harbin issued a public notice to look for all people who had stayed in, were released from, transferred from, accompanied patients at, visited patients at, or went into those two hospitals – from April 2 to April 6 at the Harbin No 2 Hospital and from April 6 to April 9 at the Department of Respiratory Medicine (12th floor), No 1 Hospital Affiliated to Harbin Medical University.

The official website of the Heilongjiang Provincial CCP Commission for Discipline Inspection posted a notice to reprimand 18 officials including Harbin Deputy Mayor Chen Yuanfei and Harbin Health Commission Director Ding Fengshu, for poorly handling the epidemic containment work. They were given either party warnings or administrative reprimands. (Central News Agency)

#2: By April 11, Harbin had traced the infection to 456 people who had close contact with infected patients. The city imposed a lockdown and applied disinfection to the residential neighborhood of the people infected.

The government also postponed the school reopening date for the graduating middle school students (they need to prepare for the upcoming high school entrance exam), which was planned for April 17. (QQ)

#3: Genhe City, Inner Mongolia closed its transportation with Heilongjiang Province. The Genhe Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center issued its 39th Notice, stating to control all its checkpoints with Heilongjiang strictly, including train stations and bus terminals, completely close the traffic, persuade any people trying to enter Genhe from Heilongjiang to go back, and also stop any people from Genhe from entering Heilongjiang in order to ensure that “not a single car is missed and not a single person is missed.”

The notice also called for a thorough check at each community at Genhe, to identify anyone who had traveled to Heilongjiang, especially Harbin, in the past 14 days. Each community must arrange and manage a 14-day self-quarantine for people who travelled to Heilongjiang on or after April 5. (Central News Agency)

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