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Hiding Information: Heilongjiang Province Is Preparing for an Anthrax Epidemic

The Epoch Times obtained internal documents from the Harbin Municipal Health Committee titled, “The Notice on the Prevention and Control of Anthrax in the Whole Province,” dated on April 10. The document was issued to the district and county health committees in the city.

According to the “Notice,” Heilongjiang Province is about to enter the high season for anthrax outbreaks. Anthrax is an infectious disease common to humans and animals; and it will create social fear once it occurs, given the current Pneumonia situation. The “Notice” also asked media to communicate the “harmfulness and preventability of anthrax” and “do a good job in guiding and monitoring public opinion.”

So far, the Chinese media, which are under the control of the Chinese Communist Party, have not disclosed the potential anthrax information to the general public.

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Screenshot of Harbin Municipal Health Committee Document:

Excerpt in Chinese:






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Source: Epoch Times, April 24, 2020