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Hiding Information: Chaoyang District in Beijing Has Many Coronavirus Infection Cases

On April 20, China identified Chaoyang District, Beijing as a “High Risk” region for the coronavirus pandemic, the only “High Risk” area in China.

Epoch Times obtained an official document from the Chaoyang District government, titled “Summary Report of the Management of Four Types of People,” dated April 19. The document showed that on April 19, 3,357 people in the district were under isolation or close watch.

Beijing has been quarantining and testing “four types” of people, including confirmed patients, suspected patients, people who had close contact with infected patients, and asymptomatic carriers.

On April 19, the Beijing Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group issued a new work plan to conduct a nucleic acid test on eight types of people and have them pay for the testing expenses:

  1. Patients, including confirmed patients, suspected patients, recovered patients who came back to the hospital for a recheck, and people who had a close contact with them.
  2. People with a fever.
  3. People who needed to be hospitalized.
  4. People who entered Beijing from abroad.
  5. People coming to Beijing from Wuhan who were about to end the quarantine.
  6. Staff members of central party organs and the central government who returned from Wuhan.
  7. People who came to Beijing from other part of China and stayed at hotels.
  8. The graduating high school and middle school students and their teachers, who come to Beijing from other part of China.

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Source: Epoch Times, April 24, 2020