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Hiding Information: Inner Mongolia Document Shows China Developed Coronavirus Treatment Plan and Guidance before January 15

Epoch Times obtained a document from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (AR) that shows China’s National Health Commission had created a treatment and prevention plan for pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus before January 15.

The document, titled “Emergency Notice on the Medical Treatment of Pneumonia Cases from the Novel Coronavirus Infection,” was issued by the Inner Mongolia AR Health Commission on January 15. It passed down the National Health Commission’s “treatment plan, work requirements for pre-examination and fever examination, confirmation procedure for the first (coronavirus) case, and requirements on hospital infection prevention and control and healthcare providers’ personal protection” to the AR’s subordinate health commissions.

The emergency notice pointed out the virus originated in Wuhan and asked the medical staff to “improve early-stage detection capability” and “ask the patients who had a temperature whether they had been exposed to Wuhan markets in the past two weeks.”

The document is marked “Super Urgent” and “Not to Be Disclosed.” It states “for internal work use and not to be allowed to be spread on the Internet.”

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Source: Epoch Times, April 23, 2020