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Xi Jinping Speaks on Reading the Classic Works of Marxism

At the commencement ceremony of the second session of the spring semester of the Central Party School, the highest training institute for Chinese Communist Party officials, Xi Jinping, China’s Vice President and the President of the CPS, delivered a speech emphasizing reading the classic writings of Marxism. “Our leading cadres should correctly judge the situation, keep a clear mind in the face of complex changes, maintain steady ideals and faith, scientifically analyze the opportunities and challenges, and comprehensively look at major and secondary issues, conflicts, and problems. You cannot do without the guidance of Marxist philosophy and the methodology of dialectical materialism and historical materialism.” 
Xi gave specific instructions on reading the Collected Works of Marx and Engels, the Collected Works of Lenin, and books by Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, as well as Hu Jintao’s “Concept of Scientific Development.”

Source: People’s Daily, May 13, 2011