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Epoch Times: Interview with a Princeling

On June 13, 2016, the U.S. Congress passed House Resolution 343 unanimously, condemning China’s "practice of state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting" and demanded "an immediate end to the 17-year persecution of the Falun Gong spiritual practice."

Epoch Times interviewed Luo Yu, the son of former Grant General (a military title only lower than Marshall) Luo Ruiqing, on the impact of the resolution. Luo Yu has published ten open letters to Xi Jinping, whom he called "brother" due to their princeling connections, urging him to adopt political reform and stop political persecutions.

Luo Yu said, "This U.S. house resolution will impact all Chinese. No Chinese, I believe, besides those criminals like Zhou Yongkang [who participated in the organ harvesting], would agree to the anti-humanity crime – conducting live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners and criminals of conscience. Nobody would agree. Now the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has tried to block this information, but I don’t think it can block it. The Internet has been well developed. The more people know about this practice, the more people will oppose it.

"The U.S. represents the people’s opinions, ideas about democracy, and justice. It has a profound and long-term impact on China. Because there are always people speaking out in the world, there are always voices of the upright condemning these crimes. This is the meaning of the U.S. house resolution."

As to the Spokesperson, Zhu Haiquan of China’s Embassy to the U.S. claimed that all these [organ harvesting] accusations were groundless, Luo Yu observed, "When the U.S. Congress passes a resolution, it won’t, as China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said, only listen to lies. If it did not have evidence, it would not pass such a resolution. The U.S. Congress’s resolution makes the intellectuals of China understand that the whole world is watching it and moreover, that it is true.

Luo Yu called on Xi Jinping to stop the organ harvesting. "You are the General Secretary of the CCP. How can you let this heinous crime continue to happen in China? This did not start with Xi Jinping. It is actually [the former CCP leader] Jiang Zemin’s crime." "Now Xi Jinping promotes the rule by law. If you can’t stop live organ harvesting which obviously violates the law, how can you rule by law?"

Source: Epoch Times, June 21, 2016