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Netizens Comments on Global Times’ Attack on Gao Zhisheng’s Book

Gao Zhisheng recently published a book describing his experience of being tortured while in the custody of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He also predicted that the CCP will end in 2017.

On June 16, Global Times published a commentary in which it criticized Gao and “certain overseas [hostile] forces.” The commentary said, “Gao’s book is nothing. We mentioned it as an example in this article to tell the public that certain overseas forces have even praised such a garbage book. This shows how badly they want to see China collapse. … They are using booing and cursing, instead of criticism and debate [to attack China].”

“These dissidents truly wish China to get into trouble. They view China’s getting into political turmoil as an opportunity for them to gain political power. They are very willing to sacrifice the Chinese people’s interests …”

“The overseas hostile forces use the extremists in China to conduct damaging activities. This approach was already known to Chinese society and they discarded it. For those people and those forces, there is a pole of shame in China’s history waiting for them.”

Then netizens commented on the Global Time‘s article:

“It seems that this book is worth reading. It poked at the sore spot of a certain organization.”

“Your husband beats you every day. You report him to the police. Is that counted as ‘collaborating with outside forces’?”

“The party that rules China does not equal China. [Gao’s book talked about the collapse of the CCP, not China.]”

“China will never collapse, but it is hard to say that about the CCP.”

“Thank you Global Times for letting me know about this book. I will search for the electronic version of it.”

Source: China Digital Times, June 2016