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Why Do More and More Chinese Get Cancer?

Vista Story Magazine published an article discussing the increase in the rate of cancer in China. According to the 2015 Cancer Registration Annual Report that the National Cancer Registration Center published, by 2011, China had 3.37 million cancer cases. That meant that, on average, a person would get cancer every six minutes. By 2015, the number of China’s cancer cases reached 4.29 million. Of these, lung cancer claimed the highest number at 733,300 cases.

Only less than 20 percent of cancers were due to heritage (occurred within families that had a history of cancer). Over 80 percent were due to lifestyle. In China, the causes for cancer included virus infection, smoking, insufficient fruit intake, drinking, insufficient vegetable intake, and work-related reasons. For example, smoking caused 30 percent of cancer cases and over 70 percent of lung cancer cases were related to smoking.

Some smaller samples showed that the polluted environment contributed to increasing cancer rates. However, due to lack of data, researchers cannot yet draw a decisive conclusion on a large scale about the environmental causes.

Source:, June 12, 2016