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About Twenty Thousand Ducks Died in Beijing; Bird Flu Suspected

Beijing News reported that about 20,000 ducks died within a week in six farms. The number is increasing daily. Wang Haijun started raising ducks last year. Since April 29, 2014, many of his 7,200 ducks have suddenly died. Less than 600 have survived. His neighbor Pan Meibing found that his ducks started to die on May 4. As of May 7, 2014, of 4,800 grown-up ducks, over 3,000 had died. Of 4,800 younger ducks, over 500 had died. Every day, large numbers of duck are dying.

Reports indicate that these farms have purchased feed from different sources. People have applied dozens of types of medicine, but to no avail. The farmers said that, before they died, the ducks showed symptoms consistent with bird flu. 

Source: Beijing News, May 8, 2014