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International Herald: Stop Lecturing China on Democracy

The International Herald, a publication under the domain of Xinhua, the Chinese Communist regimes’ mouthpiece, published a commentary concerning the democracy issue, at the symposium, "China and the World – Perceptions and Realities," in Frankfurt on September 12. The Chinese delegation left the event because two Chinese dissidents addressed the symposium. They only returned after the organizer apologized.

The International Herald accused Western countries of using “democracy” and “human rights” issues to criticize and slander China. “Digging out the ‘dark side’ of China becomes the preferred approach for some Western politicians to please the public….Democracy sounds good in concept. However, history has proved over and over again that imposing Western democracy on other countries is often frustrating, and could be catastrophic.”

The International Herald quoted words by Mei Zhaorong, former Chinese ambassador to Germany, "We did not come here for a lesson in democracy. Those times are over."

Source: International Herald, September 21, 2009