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RFA: Russian Soccer Player Left to Die on Street in China after Car Accident

An RFA article reported that a Russian soccer player recently died as a result of a car accident in China less than 100 days from the 2018 World Soccer Cup. According to Moscow Evening news, 28 year old Vladimir Gerasimov was a Russian soccer player. He was riding an electronic scooter when he collided with a car which knocked him to the ground. The driver of the car fled the scene. Hours after the accident, Vladimir still remained lying on the ground. He died because no bystanders bothered to help him or call an ambulance. Currently, his teammates and relatives are collecting money to transport his body back to Moscow. The RFA article stated that there have been a number of reports about bystanders in China having a cold reaction and neglecting to help those who suffer car injuries. People believe that it is too costly to be a good Samaritan in China as good people are often suppressed or “rewarded” with false accusations.

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 13, 2018


Duowei News: To Reshape Their Image, North Korean Diplomats Display Warm Gestures When Participating in Foreign Events

According to an article that Duowei News published, Dong-A Ilbo, the South Korean newspaper, reported that, unlike 2017, when North Korean diplomats discontinued all of their external activities, in 2018, as the conflicts between North Korea and the EU escalated, North Korean diplomats have displayed a completely different image. They have been actively participating in foreign diplomatic events with EU countries. At a number of events, they have been spotted having dialogues or even posing for pictures with ambassadors from South Korea. The article reported that there was speculation that, since King Jong Un wants North Korea to be recognized as a “normal country,” his foreign diplomats have been actively participating in foreign events in an effort to reshape North Korea’s image on the worlds stage.

Source: Duowei News, March 16, 2018

People’s Daily Opinion Article: Xi Jinping Is the “Helmsman” of the Nation and “Leader” of the Chinese People

On March 17, People’s Daily published an opinion piece in which it praised the fact that Xi was appointed as the President of the country as it represents “the wishes of the party, the people, and the nation.” The article called Xi “helmsman” of the nation and “leader” of the Chinese people. The article claimed that the trinity position that Xi holds demonstrates that socialism with Chinese characteristics is a unique political and also a superior system. It asked all nations to unite around Xi’s leadership to achieve the “great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era.”

Source: People’s Daily, March 17, 2018

RFA: Wechat Restrictions Launched against Users in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Radio Free Asia reported that the Internet police in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region launched an “Internet cleanup” campaign which requires that, if any Wechat account has over ten members, they must make themselves available for the Internet police to inspect. The campaign also warned that no politically sensitive topics, internal notices, news from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau, from the Military, or from religions are allowed to circulate and the violators could be subject to a 1 to 8 year jail sentence. The Wechat account owner must also take full responsibility as well.

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 7, 2018

Duowei: Hong Kong Media Exposed the Secrets behind the Presidium Name List

Duowei News published an article reporting that the 190 member Presidium of the 13th National People’s Congress held its first meeting on March 4. The host was Li Zhanshu. Duowei quoted an analytical article from Hong Kong’s Ming Pao, which stated that the sequence on the presidium members list usually carries a certain meaning. For example, the first name on the list is usually the future Chairman of the National People’s Congress. Therefore it predicted that Li Zhanshu would be the chairman of the upcoming National People’s Congress. The second person on the list usually manages the personnel. Xi Jinping had that role ten years ago while Liu Yunshan held the position five years ago. For the upcoming term, it is Chen Xi, who currently heads the Organization Department. The third person on the list is usually the secretary of the presidium, who will be the future first vice chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee. According to an article from Epoch Tomes, Li Zhanshu is considered Xi’s right-hand man. He helped Xi to clean out the residual forces that Ling Jihua left at the General Office. Chen Xi was Xi’s classmate from the Chemical Engineering department of Tsinghua University. Wang Huning, the current member of the party’s Politburo Standing Committee will mainly be responsible for party affairs and ideological work.

Source: Duowei, March 8, 2018…1520811016781

Epoch Times: Behind the Box Office Revenues of the Patriotic Movie, “Amazing China”

Epoch Times reported that a patriotic movie “Amazing China” was recently released in China. Xinhua claimed that the opening day revenue broke 40 million yuan (US$6.32 million). The article displayed copies of two official notices. One notice, from China Unicom (a state-owned telecommunications operator in China), stated that, from March 2 to 4, the company must organize at least one-third of its party members to watch the movie and the rest of the party members must watch it within the month. The second notice was from the Beijing office of China Radio International Digital Cinema Line (a state-owned international radio broadcaster in China). It contained the guideline for the SOE corporate group rate. The article stated that most of the movie tickets were sold as group tickets and the movie’s current rating on IMDB was 1.0.

Source: Epoch Times, March 11, 2018

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