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Chinese Visiting Scholars Establish CCP Party Branch at UC Davis

According to an article Duowei News published, on November 4, seven Chinese visiting scholars at the University of California Davis campus formed a Chinese Communist Party branch office on campus. The Dalian University of Technology news website published the news first but then deleted the news from its website. The Duowei article reported that these seven visiting scholars are teachers from seven different universities in China who are either existing party members or probationary party members. The party secretary is one of the teachers from Dalian University of Technology School of Power and Energy. The other six teachers came from Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Dalian University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University, Nanjing Agricultural University, and Hohai University. The branch office vows to “continue to recruit new members; organize the group to study the latest party theory and ideology from China; resist the corrosive influence from the west; and enable the members of the branch office and other Chinese patriotic people to experience warm caring from the party office.” The branch office will recruit new members starting with the existing members to target their colleagues or neighbors. They will also have one group activity every two weeks. The branch office is currently under the management of the Dalian University of Technology in China, which recommended that the branch get in touch with other party organizations in the U.S. that the Chinese communist Party has set up in order to seek leadership in the U.S.

The article reported that one of the organizers told Voice of America (VOA) during an interview that they disbanded the organization after they found out that it had violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act passed in 1938, which the U.S. Department of Justice administers. U.S. law requires that an organization must “disclose its relationship with the foreign government and any information about related activities and finances.” The organizer asked the media not to have too much news coverage of this topic because he does not want the lives of the existing members to be disrupted. Based on this news, there is no indication that the organization is still in operation.

Source: Duowei News, November 19, 2017

Hong Kong Version of Taipei Universiade Documentary Covered Taiwan National Flag with Digital Mosaic

The Central News Agency published an article about covering the Taiwan National flag with a digital mosaic during the Hong Kong version of the Taipei Universiade documentary. The article pointed out that Hong Kong continues to follow the mainland’s strategy of demoting Taiwan’s status on the international stage. The Central News Agency article reported that, when a Taipei Universiade documentary that Taipei and the National Geographic produced was aired in Hong Kong, the Taiwan national flag in the documentary was covered with a digital mosaic. According to the Department of Taipei Tourism, the Hong Kong National Geographic channel applied the digital mosaic in order to “comply with local regulations.” The Department of Taipei Tourism stated that the change was unilateral and violated its contract agreement. It requested that the Taiwan National Geographic channel take legal responsibility for providing the necessary compensation or ensure that the correct version of the documentary will be replayed in Hong Kong. The Taipei Universiade documentary was first aired on the Taiwan National Geographic channel on October 31, followed by 43 countries including Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Source: Central News Agency, November 17, 2017

Huanqiu: US-China Economic and Security Review Commission 2017 Annual Report Thrilled Overseas Anti-China Forces

Well-known Chinese news site Sina published an article that Huanqiu had originally carried. It reported that the 2017 Annual Report that the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission published “resulted in excitement among those who are hostile to China.” The article stated that the annual report came after Trump’s visit to China and has puzzled some mainstream media, politicians, and anti-China organizations. Trump not only didn’t criticize China but also had many positive exchanges with China. The article said that the annual report “painted China as the enemy of the U.S. and a malignant cell in the world. It provided counter-measures and absurd directions for U.S. media, politicians, and anti-China agencies to pursue in their work.” It called the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission headed by Carolyn Bartholomew the home base of “anti-China hostile forces.” It noted that Carolyn Bartholomew, who worked for Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, has helped Pelosi draft many “anti-China” bills.

Source: Sina, November 16, 2017

RFA: Committee for Inspection of State Affairs Is a Political Body That Sits above the Executive and Judicial Body

Radio Free Asia (RFA) carried an article that stated that an article Xinhua published on November 5 clearly specified that the “Committee for the Inspection of State Affairs” is a political body, not an executive or judicial body. It stated that it is an organization that sits above the ordinary executive or judicial body and has the power that both the party and administration have. However, the RFA article stated that whether it can make a breakthrough in fighting corruption remains to be seen. The Xinhua article emphasized that, “It is necessary to have an accurate understanding that the ‘Committee for the Inspection of State Affairs’ is an anti-corruption governing body. It works with the Commission for Discipline Inspection and represents the Party and the nation to exercise supervisory powers. It is a political entity and not an executive or judiciary body. It should always make politics the top priority.”

Source: Radio Free Asia, November 6, 2017

Caixin: Property Tax Reform May Take Time to Implement

According to an opinion article that Caixin published, the Ministry of Finance may need time to establish legislation and outline the requirements during property tax reform. The article reported that, currently, the tax rate, the limit of how much is taxable, and the amount collected varies in each region. Property tax reform will directly impact local tax revenue as well as the existing system of the municipal government that uses the land to derive its financial revenue. In a recent article that the Minister of Finance wrote following 19th National Congress, it specified that the property tax should be based on assessed value rather than the trading value, as has currently been adopted in Shanghai and Chongqing. Caixin reported that this is the first time the property tax base has been officially defined.

Source: Caixin, November 9, 2017

Deutsche Welle: Trump Could Tweet in China but Chinese Citizens Were Not Allowed to Comment

Deutsche Welle published an article titled, “Trump Can Tweet in China but Chinese Citizen Were Not Allowed to Comment.” The article stated that, during President Trump’s first visit to China, he tweeted several times giving thanks for the warm hospitality he received from China and from Xi Jinping and his wife. He also changed the background photo of his twitter account to a photo taken after he watched the Beijing Opera in the Forbidden City. China’s official news media and websites covered Trump’s tweets. For example, one article was titled, “Trump Ended His China Visit. He Sent 8 Twitter Messages and Changed the Background Photo Twice.” Meanwhile, Trump related postings on Weibo, together with the feature to comment at the bottom of the posted article, were blocked. An article that China Digital Times published stated, “It is not surprising to see that Weibo postings on Trump related topics were subject to Sina‘s inspection, but the inspection was purely targeting key words not the contents. For example, a posting sharing an article titled “US$9 billion in Trade” was deleted. Disabling the comment feature is part of the inspection. If a Weibo account contains a key word, the system will automatically shut off the capability to post comments.

One of the Weibo postings that was blocked was titled, “Latest Comments about Trump.” It read, “An American asked a Russian, “We can comment on our president in the U.S., but can you do the same in Russia? The Russian replied, “We can comment your President in the U.S. as well.” The American said … lesson learned.” Then the American asked a Chinese, “We can comment on our president in the U.S., but can you do the same in China?” The Chinese said, “We can also comment on your President in our country.” The American laughed and suggested, “How about you try it again.”

Source: Deutsche Welle, October 11, 2017川普可以发推中国网民不许评论/a-41325378?&zhongwen=simp

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