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Study Times: Establishing National Image from the Inside

Study Times, a newspaper by CCP Central Party School, recently published an article on a point made by Wang Jisi, Dean of the College of International Relations, Beijing University. Wang suggested that establishing a nation’s image is an exercise for self molding instead of something set by other people.

Wang believes the media in the West demonize everybody, not just China. That’s the nature of Western media. Reports on China represent only a very small percentage of the coverage in the West. A nation full of satisfied citizens will automatically have a good international image. In recent years, a large number of Chinese people have ignored indexes reflecting happiness and social justice. Too many people have focused on GDP, which does not have a direct relationship to the quality of people’s lives. China should bravely face the mistakes made in the past.

Source: Study Times, Issue 14, 2009.

Meng Jianzhu: Model Cops Can Serve as Examples to Inspire Loyalty to the Party

Xinhua News reported on August 24 that Meng Jianzhu, State Councilor and Minister of Public Security said, when he was visiting a wounded police officer, that model police officers are setting examples of the right political position and maintaining loyalty to the Party. He suggested that the government should take good care of the families of those who have risked their lives to protect the people and the Party, and that it is important to establish a safeguard system for police officers’ careers. That will encourage police officers to better fulfill the mission assigned by the Party and the people.

Source: Xinhua, August 24, 2009.

Global Times: Former Canadian Diplomat Viciously Attacked China

Global Times, under Chinese state daily news People’s Daily, reported that a former Canadian diplomat suggested that Canadians should not be fooled by Chinese illusion. Former senior diplomat Brian McAdams, an expert on Chinese mafia and spy activities, has been working in the diplomatic field for 30 years in Europe, and the Middle East and Far East.

Now an international consultant, Brian suggested that the West has been fooled by five Chinese “illusions”: (1) Canada benefits from trade with China; (2) China has 1.3 billion consumers; (3) China is embracing democracy; (4) China improved on the human rights front; (5) China is friendly. None of these is true, he believes. As an example, Chinese spying activities in Canada is “startling”

Source: Global Times, September 10, 2008.

Meng Jianzhu: Devote Every Effort to the 60th National Anniversary

Xinhua News reported on August 17 that Meng Jianzhu, State Councilor and Minister of Public Security, said in a video conference that the whole police system should treat the safety of the 60th Anniversary event as the number one “political task.” Seriously cracking down on the activities by the domestic and international “hostile forces” was mentioned as important work. Another primary aspect of the mission is to combine the power of the police system and the volunteers across the country to form a tight network to control society. All controls should be carefully divided down to every level until the individuals. This is crucial to ensure the stability of local areas and the capital area.

Source: Xinhua Net, August 17, 2009.

Xinhua: Press and Publication Industry “Go Out” Strategy Supported by Bank of China

On August 12, 2009, Liu Binjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the General Administration of Press and Publications, signed The Memorandum of Supporting the Development Strategy of the Press and Publication Industry with Bank of China Chairman Xiao Gang. Under the “Go Out” strategy, the purpose of the memo was to enlarge the coverage of the Chinese news and publication industry in the international community and to enhance China’s influence. This is one of the major industries that the Bank of China has planned to focus on. Li Lihui, Governor of Bank of China, suggested that, as a large stated-owned bank, the Bank of China has a worldwide network and can provide strong support to the “Go Out” strategy.

Source: Xinhua Net, August 12, 2009.

Xinhua: Kim Jung-Il Expressed a Willingness to Strengthen Friendship

Xinhua News reported immediately after the face to face talk between Kim Jung-Il and former US President Bill Clinton that, Kim Jung-Il said there was “no change” in the policy of strengthening and developing the friendship between North Korea and China. It was reported that Kim said so after viewing an old Chinese stage play by North Korea’s National Troupe of Stage Play. He suggested that the friendship with China was established by the previous senior leadership of the two countries, which made it very valuable.

Source: China News Net, August 13, 2009.

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